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Honour and Blessing Events was dreamed of and orchestrated by two sisters, with the belief that events and weddings should be elegant, breathtaking, and remarkable. As event and wedding planners, we believe that organization is just as important as design, trends can complement traditions - and the journey is as meaningful as the day itself.

"Two are better than one...for if they fall, one will lift up his companion." Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Entrust your wedding to us and continue to spend time doing what you love.

Are you still deciding between the manor or the estate for your wedding venue and also possibly considering having a destination wedding?

Welcome to Honour and Blessing Events, where we work together with couples to create a remarkable event - where guests think
"That's what I want for my wedding."

Wedding Planners helping brides to choose their dresses
Happy bride who is smiling

You’re elated for your wedding that is coming up

..and you have a sense of how your wedding will look and feel like.

It will be beautiful, enveloped by flowers with their fresh delicate fragrance, and your favorite people will travel from different parts of the world to come and celebrate your special day.

You want to make sure all your guests are having an exceptional experience at your wedding and enjoying the day just as much as you. You hope they will leave your wedding with their hearts warmed and breaths taken away by being at one of the most special weddings they have ever attended.

All these ideas fill your heart and mind, but there are also other important priorities in your life. Your work, your pursuits, your love and support for your friends and family. Even when you have those precious fragments of extra time, you are planning your next trip, finishing a hobby project, or just relaxing with a massage or your favourite tv show .

You know you need extra support and help. Someone who will work along with you to execute the details of your special day.

If all this sounds like what you’re dreaming of, then you’re at the right place.

Hello! We are Joanna and Sarah, and as your wedding planners, we look forward to creating a memorable and exceptional event for you and your guests.

Two sisters who are wedding planners

Why we plan

The duo behind Honour and Blessing Events

We’re sisters, often mistaken as twins, and since we were young, we were involved with weddings and events throughout our lives in one way or another.

From musical productions to fashion shows to corporate events, we have always been fascinated with what happens behind the scenes. We are mesmerized by the intricate planning and execution that is needed to ensure that the production or event goes smoothly. While there are numerous kinds of events, weddings hold a special place in our hearts.

We have had the honour and the blessing to work with different talents in the industry and to have our work featured in these noteworthy publications.

Two wedding planners working on weddings


What is it like to work with us?

As planners, we work closely with each couple, sometimes in full speed mode for 3-4 months and others at a leisurely pace of 12-18 months. To our couples, we are more than just planners. We are your detail expert, etiquette connoisseur, and confidant on this journey leading to your special day.

When you work with us, we view the process as a collective team. We understand how much trust you give us as we take part in your special day. This gift of trust is something we take great care in preserving because we understand that it is a one time gift and trust is essential to our roles as your event or wedding planners.

As we work together with you as a team

we strive to deliver events that are professional, refined and created based on your story and dream.

Wedding planner designing and styling

Behind the Scenes

A glimpse into what we do


It takes about 200-300 hours to plan a wedding. In those hours, we plan logistics and details, find the best vendors for you, source items, and execute everything the way you want it to be. 


What our couples say

Their experience working with us

Love Notes





The Sisters

Meet Joanna & Sarah

“What makes Sarah and Joanna unique compared to other wedding planners is the dynamic between the two of them.

Very rarely will you see two sisters, both with the same passion for wedding planning, commitment to top quality service, that are constantly on the same wave length”

Our Favourite Things

Cafes and Desserts
Old World Architecture
Jazz, Classical, Bossa Nova

0 Countries traveled
0 Mont Blancs consumed
0 Languages spoken fluently
0 Times being flower girls
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Favourite season: Winter 

Favourite pastime: Learning and playing music

Favourite wedding moment: When the music begins

Most romantic city: Vienna

Dreamy Pairing:  Lychee & Rosewater

If you could teleport back to a year in your life: The year I went to Edinburgh for my studies. I met some of my closest friends and had the time of my life going to concerts and visiting museums. 

An activity that you would love to try but am afraid to: Paragliding! I have always wanted to try but am afraid whether it will be safe and the risks of physical injuries.




Favourite Season:  Summer

Favourite pastime:  Making desserts to share with family and friends

Favourite wedding moment:  When everyone celebrates as the couple exits

Most romantic city:  Venice

Dreamy Pairing:  Sunset & Soft Jazz

If you could teleport back to a year in your life: The last year of my studies in New York. I want to go back and spend a little more time with my friends, explore a few more places, and perhaps try some more restaurants. 

An activity that you would love to try but am afraid to: Doing a radio program! I think it’s always so interesting to hear what songs the radio DJ chooses and hearing them share their stories. But I’m scared I just don’t have enough things to say and it will end up being awkward. 


We work closely with our couples to learn about what they are dreaming of for their special day.  We look forward to connecting with you.